We are a proud, independent pizzeria based in Cheshire, famous for our authentic wood fired neopolitan pizzas.

After years of hard work and long hours in the restaurant industry we decided to leave it all behind and start a street food business.

We are truly passionate (some say obsessed…) with pizzas and wood fired pizza is the best of the best. We took every bit of experience from some of the best Italian restaurants, combined with trips to Italy studying from the best pizzaiolos, and combined them all to create the perfect menu.

We use carefully curated ingredients, cooked with selected wood in ovens imported from Italy to create an authentic Pizza experience online anywhere else.



After 2 years of fantastic artisan markets and hundreds of private events, our small team decided to create the first home for WFS in our Wilmslow restaurant.

We took a risk and worked countless hours to build our new home. Our first oven arrived all the way from Italy, and we had to dismantle our whole front to get it inside.

But after weeks or early mornings and late nights, we created a restaurant with real atmosphere, good people and even better pizza.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Our little restaurant  has gone from strength to strength, and as we entered 2019, the number of orders coming in for delivery was proving a lot for the kitchen to manage, whilst making sure everyone sat in the restaurant (or on the terrace ☀️) was getting their pizzas on time.

We decided to open a new site dedicated to take-away and delivery, just a few minutes down the road in Handforth.

Then something happened you may have seen in the news! As the country shut down, we were able to offer restaurant quality pizza at home for all the pizza lovers out there who were missing their WoodFireSmoke.

We’ve since carried on from strength to strength and have exciting plans to bring our unique pizzaiolos skills further across the North West.